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18767Re: [SCA-Archery] Digest Number 2075 - Royal Rounds

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  • JohnBorOx@AOL.COM
    Oct 3, 2005
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      Actually, here in the East all scores submitted must be shot in the presence
      of a warranted archery marshal. The honor system mentioned is the usual
      practice of letting the archer self score under the supervision of the marshal.
      And the Rounds for score must be either at a practice or at an event that is
      published in advance. The scores are submitted by the marshal in Charge.
      Under the rules, Official rounds are shot without help with spotting. The only
      help allowed is in cases where the archer has an aide hand them arrows
      instead of using a quiver or stand to hold them.

      This practice is actually under discussion at this time on the East
      kingdom Archery marshals email list.

      The marshal is the final arbiter of the score in case of question. The
      arrow touching the black ring between scoring rings counts fort he higher score.
      Arrows that bounce off the target are scored as 3 points unless a witness
      sees the arrow hit a specific ring/value.

      Of course with practice rounds you can get all the help you need by
      bystanders if you want it.

      In Service to the Dream,

      John Bor Ox
      Archery Captain/Marshal
      Province of Malagentia, Kingdom of the East

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