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18757Event: Storvik Baronial Birthday Oct 14th-16th

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  • Cian of Storvik
    Oct 3, 2005
      Just a reminder that Storvik's Baronial Birthday archery competition
      is coming up in less then TWO weeks!
      There will be some great ARCHER ONLY prizes there, including a $140
      Kettle Helm from Medieval Armour in Leicestershire England. And
      several other prizes for 2nd, 3rd as well as rank/target prizes
      totaling over $400 in prizes!
      This event is open to ALL archers, not just locals.
      If you are an archery marshal in good standing, I would appreciate
      greatly your attendance in helping out on the event (not set up and
      take down, but by keeping an eye out on the range). You will get a
      present for helping out.
      I would also point out that I've seen the menu for the feast and it is
      not only large but the dishes sound great. There will also be THREE
      combat tourneys during the day including a bound-arm/gladiator
      tournament <-where you are tied to your opponent), and an oriental no
      shield (two weapon or pole-arm only).

      Please come out and make a good showing to help us celebrate Storvik's
      -Cian of Storvik
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