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18696Re: [SCA-Archery] Unicorn Window Challenge and other things

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  • John edgerton
    Sep 27, 2005
      Yes. You should keep the rules and scoring system of the last two
      years. It works well. The only thing I can suggest is that the target
      fit on a 30 inch mat. Not all ranges use hay bales. The 38 inch window
      had the problem of extending past some mats.


      On Tuesday, September 27, 2005, at 07:56 PM, Lord Caedmon Wilson wrote:

      > There is nothing to stop people from shooting at the wreath and window
      > targets, but for the Unicorn Archery Challenges, I would prefer a
      > single target being the focus of the mail-in scores, to prevent
      > diluting involvement.
      > I have decided that the 2006 target will be a completely different
      > target. I have already begun doodling a list of things a medieval
      > archer might shoot at to pass their time that would fit in with the
      > style of shooting the rules the last two years have supported.
      > --
      > Lord Caedmon Wilson
      > Oaken Regional Youth Combat Marshal
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