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18692Unicorn Window Challenge and other things

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  • Lord Caedmon Wilson
    Sep 27, 2005
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      Score listings have been updated to reflect newly submitted scores,
      including a large update from Drachenwald.

      Unicorn Window Challenge

      The contest ends October 31st, so a little over a month to go to the
      end of the shoot!

      On the subject of other things. I think it is fun running these
      single-target postal shoots, simple rules + simple target = much fun.
      And judging by e-mails and in-person comments from you folks, you have
      been enjoying them, as well.

      For 2006, should the wreath be used again? A different target
      altogether? What do you guys think?

      Lord Caedmon Wilson

      Oaken Regional Youth Combat Marshal
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