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18574Re: Need help-primary sources for period shoots

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  • Sol
    Sep 7, 2005
      I would like to thank the people who responded to my initial inquiry
      regarding period archery target competition documentation: Michael,
      Shadhra, Padraig, Allan Bluehood, Caedmon, Kinjal, James Wolfden,
      Laebeth, Robert Runewald, and Charles Connor. My apologies for the
      delay in responding. I am now returned from the premier session of
      the Northshield Academy of Swordless Martial Arts (though it may be
      called something else next time, the equestrian community objects to
      the swordless part:)) and in a much saner frame of mind.

      I took note of the novelty competitions described and will keep them
      in mind when I sponsor a novelty shoot in the future. I also
      appreciate a quick source for interesting target faces.

      I look forward to checking out the books that people recommended
      (Payne-Galwey (Crossbows) and Chinese Archery). I am afraid I did not
      have sufficient time to peruse them before the event.

      I had previously explored the images in the Files folder, but did not
      observe closely enough to see the target on the right border of the
      xbows image. Thank you for (re)directing me to this.

      I expect that this is the beginning of a long-term project, once I get
      some other obligations out of the way.

      As always, this group is a wealth of support and information.

      humble archer
      Barony of Jararvellir, Northshield
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