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18415Re: [SCA-Archery] RE:Want to start archery, parental advisory

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  • James W. Pratt, Jr.
    Aug 1, 2005
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      And I was never like Geoffrei... I did everything my parents wanted me to.
      But that does not mean I cannot agree with him on this point. Well put.

      James Cunningham
      The good son

      > Greetings Austin and the list,
      > While it may seem difficult and frustrating to abide by your parents
      wishes and rules, they are afterall your parents, they love you and have
      your best interests and safety in mind. While I may not agree with their
      sentiments regarding our group, I must respect their intentions.
      > Another member of this list suggested that you ask your parents to
      accompany you to an SCA event, that's a very good idea. SCA events are very
      family friendly and who knows, they may actually enjoy themselves and become
      > I remember being 17 (although that was over 35 years ago, when rocks
      were soft and the Dead Sea was only just a little sick) and I was a very
      rebellious teen that rode with bike gangs and raised merry H*ll.
      > My dad was a methodist minister and gave me plenty of rope and as a
      typical PK, I practically hanged myself. We argued constantly over politics,
      religion, my choice of girlfriends, etc. We argued and argued and argued.
      Later on, we became best of friends when I was in my 20's and my dad was my
      best man at my wedding. When I became involved in the SCA, both of my
      parents would occassionally attend events and enjoyed themselves. My point?
      > Right now, you think they are cramping your style and unfairly keeping you
      from what you want to do. Every teenager thinks that. In six months, you can
      do as you wish and make your own choices, but do yourself a favor when that
      time comes....don't shut your parents out. You may not agree wih them, but,
      they love you and are always going to care about you.
      > ->
      > Geoffrei

      > ---8<---------------------------------------------
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