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18413RE:Want to start archery, parental advisory

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  • ronan morton
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Greetings Austin,

      I hope the best for you but you might try and bring your parents to a
      practice and let them meet some of the people who already call the SCA home.
      My advice to you is to never go behind their's or anyone else's back but
      to be open about all that you do and that may impress them in itself. Most
      of the people who come around to meet our shire are impressed that we know
      so much about history and the skills from the time period that we portray.
      Some people come to us thinking that we are a bunch of stick swinging jerks
      who like pain. When most people learn that our shire has about a dozen
      public school teachers in it and that a large part of the SCA is devoted to
      education and the Arts they are very surprised. Worst case scenario be
      patient and in 6 months you are free to join and participate as an adult.

      Best of luck,
      Ronan MacMorton
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