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18409RE: [SCA-Archery] Want to start archery, parental advisory

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  • Kaleyna
    Aug 1, 2005
      >>>>All women are to be treated with respect and gentility, not just those
      for whom beauty comes easy.>>>

      Well I think we know historically that this isn't the case. Women of a
      certain rank and class were treated well. Peasant women were fair game.

      As to the original question -

      Do your parents have a problem with target archery? You can always just
      shoot target archery, hone your skills, and then do combat archery when you
      are older and it is not a matter of asking your parents but an adult choice.
      I kind of think, the very well expressed notes about it not withstanding,
      that trying to convince your parents that this combat is good combat and not
      that nasty old regular war will get you nowhere. If you simply shoot for
      skill in hitting a target is can be along the lines of darts when explaining
      it to your folks. And you can also play up the historical aspects of the
      society and how you can learn about different cultures and the past.

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