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18407Re: [SCA-Archery] Want to start archery, parental advisory

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  • Scott B. Jaqua
    Aug 1, 2005
      The Honorable Lord Carolus wrote a wonderfully thought out reply. And I
      believe him to be correct in just about every way. To that that I can
      only add my own feelings Austin.

      As a student of history (and most in the SCA are to greater or lessor
      degrees), I find myself sickened by the war and strife in the real
      world. It is proof positive that the only thing most people learn from
      history, is that they have learned nothing. We (as in our leaders) are
      still repeating the mistakes of the past. Nations and people continue to
      make war on each other for the same ancient hatreds and petty reasons,
      no mater how they dress it up for the media. (it's a statement of what
      we do, that so many SCA folk are also political activists)

      All that aside, I am also authorized in just about every Marshal
      Activity the SCA has to offer. In part to study the history of combat,
      in part as a way to safely funnel the stress and aggression that are
      part of the human condition. And having that outlet was very important
      as a young man. Now that I'm a little older, it's not so much about
      stress and aggression, as it is about testing my self. But these are
      both good reasons to engage in marshal activity. And that's not even
      taking into account the aspects of exercise and conditioning or the
      mental discipline. And those marshal activities have also served the
      purpose of leading me to greater study of history and it's artifacts.
      And that in turn has lead me to learn a new art/craft that has been a
      joyous creative outlet these last few years.

      As Carolus said, share these posts with your parents. Or better yet,
      have them come to a practice and talk to those that are teaching. You
      may not get the same answer from everyone; but, you should get the same
      feeling more then enough times for your folks to realize, that this
      isn't some sort of warrior cult. But rather a group of people that for
      the most part are trying to learn about the past by experiencing it.

      Don Njall Olaf Hagerson
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