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18193Re: [SCA-Archery] Arrow rest?

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  • Scott B. Jaqua
    Jun 21, 2005
      On 6/20/05, akiba79 <akiba79@...> wrote:

      >> I am new to archery and was wondering to be legal in the SCA....are
      >> bows allowed arrow rest? I am speaking of an all wooden bow where the
      >> rest is made with the bow of the same wood.
      >> Thanks
      >> Alis

      In general spring type rests are not permitted. Any rest with an
      adjustable pressure plate is also a no-no. A brush style rest and the
      simple plastic rests that almost any archery store sells are allowable
      under most kingdom's rules. Also permitted is what you describe. When
      the handle or riser area of the bow is cut in to accept the arrow, this
      is called a shelf. Shooting off the shelf is permitted. You can also add
      things to the shelf and still be within the rules. Examples that are
      permitted include leather, a brush of some sort or even several rows of
      trimmed feathers (so that the barbs will lay down in the direction of
      the arrows travel).

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