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  • Ice Tiger
    May 1, 2005
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      Sorry for the bandwidth but I thought this might be of some interest,
      especially to the archers of An Tir and Artemisia. I wanted to post it
      early so that people would have ample time to plan should they wish to
      attend. Please forward to any list you feel would be interested.

      The Barony of Montengarde invites you to Hidden Treasures, July 22-24, 2005.
      Shoot the largest archery tournament in An Tir, a 30 target roving
      range, run by Dalton. The tournament will include shooting from tree
      stands, through castle windows at the line and in front of the target
      butt, arrow slots, and battlements, at a variety of targets including
      warriors and 3D animals. Due to the nature of the tournament loaner
      equipment will not be available for use.
      Royal Rounds will be run on the field range throughout the weekend for
      those wishing to record scores.
      Ellias Silver will be running a thrown weapons tournament and there will
      be a teaching butt and loaner gear available for anyone wishing to
      learn. Due to the mundane rules of the club crossbows are not permitted.
      We apologize for the inconvenience.
      The heavy tourney, run by Mainsbridge, will be a team resurrection woods
      battle/treasure hunt. Teams will have to fight their way into the woods,
      find a treasure chest that has been placed at a random point and fight
      their way back out. The team that steps onto the bridge with the chest
      wins the chest and its contents. Teams may be organized in advance.
      There will also be sign in sheets at the Inne for teams needing members
      and individuals looking for a team.
      Rapier will include duels on a real bridge.
      There will also be an A&S competition, bardic, dancing, and a fire pit.
      "The Bowman's Rest Inne" will be open almost around the clock.
      A steak dinner is planned for Saturday. Reservations for the dinner must
      be made prior to July 10. The only good reservation is a paid one.
      Site does not have drinkable water. Some will be available in the Inne
      but we recommend you bring some. Stores and restaurants are nearby.
      Due to some restrictions in camping please notify us if you have an
      oversize tent or encampment so that we may better accommodate you.
      Site: Calgary Archers Club (No street address) Highway 8, Calgary.
      Cost: $10.00 Non Member Fee: $4.00
      Dinner: $10.00
      Payable in advance by cheque, money order. Cheques payable to MSCA Inc.
      Best route to Alberta Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail in Calgary) Take
      Deerfoot to Glenmore Trail W. Glenmore turns into Highway 8 at Sarcee
      Trail. * Follow Highway 8, over Elbow River Bridge. Site is 2nd driveway
      on the right.
      From the East or West:
      Highway 1 to Sarcee trail S. At the end of Sarcee turn right onto
      Highway 8 W. Follow directions from * above.
      Site Opens at 4:00 pm Friday and closes at 1:00 pm Sunday.

      Autocrats: Arnolt Brekswerd (Sheldon Shnaar), Dalton Arundel (Jim
      Martin), Lyonet Lamoureux (Lya Lamoureux), 218, 6440 Centre St. NE,
      Calgary, AB, T2K 0V4. 403-275-0338. E-mail ice.tiger@...
      Website: hiddentreasures.akesons.com