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1782re: [SCA-Archery] horns

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  • Chris Nogy
    Apr 6, 2000
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      The easiest and most complete way to get the horns clean is also one of the
      most disgusting.

      Use maggots - wrap the horn in a breathable cloth with the larvae in the center
      - let it go for a week or two - the soft stuff will be gone.

      Then make a tool - take several (30 or 40) 1 inch pieces of wire fishing
      leader, wrap some tag wire around the middle of the bundle, then ruffle it up
      to make a soft wire 'brush'. Bend a piece of coat hanger about 12 inches long
      2 inches from the end, place the bundle brush in the bend, and then twist the
      coat-hanger up tightly to make a shaft for the brush.

      Put the brush in an electric drill, and work it around the inside of the horn.
      It takes the connective tissue away from the hard shell of the horn.

      Then boil and wash with bottle brush and good detergent.

      This will get your horns very clean.


      > From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Ryyn=E4nen_Harri?= <haryynan@...>, on 4/6/00
      8:46 AM:
      > how do you treat 'fresh' cowhorns before
      > starting to use the material? And how do i get the
      > 'core' or the inner tissue out of them?
      > Haakon Pikinokka
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