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17568RE: [SCA-Archery] Looking to apprentice

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  • Dan Scheid
    Mar 30, 2005
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      Ragi. While finding someone to apprentice to is not a bad Idea. I would also
      look outside the SCA. Sometime there are better craftsman in your area that
      is not sca. This may sound shocking coming from a laurel but sometime the
      way to knowledge is thought a different door.
      Damales Redbeard O.L.


      I am looking for someone to apprentice to so as to learn further the art of
      fletching and boyery.
      many of you know of me and my work but I wish to become more well known and
      I am sure there is so
      much I need to learn yet that I am not learning on my own.

      I am looking for someone to learn from who lives within a reasonable
      distance from Montreal so that
      I might come see them once in a while. Dalton would be nice but he Moved to
      alberta dangit.....

      Is there someone I might discuss this with on the list who might help me or
      take me on? Yeah the
      idea of Master Ragi apeals to me but mostly I know there is more I need to
      learn and directions I
      need to head in and would like to do it with some guidance.

      Email me off list if you wish or onlist if you believe the discussion would
      benefit others.

      Herre Ragi "warm Bear" Wul├×arsson of the Barony, Isle du Dragon Dormant.
      (Sometimes known as RJ Bachner)

      Northern shores, East Kingdom SCA.

      Come visit the Archery diy Pages @
      and the shoppe @

      House of the broken axe.

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