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17332Caidan Rules, A Brief History (longish)

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  • Scott B. Jaqua
    Mar 2, 2005
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      Of late, Caids rules have come up in several threads. I thought it might
      help if the context for those rules was explained. The Kingdom MoA, THL
      Carolus, can also speak on this because he was one of the folks that
      helped create the rules way back when (Funny thing is he was smart
      enough to not want the MoA job back then. You have to wonder what
      changed? (grin!))

      First it is important to understand, that the rules where created for a
      reason. Archery in Caid was in fact broken. There was no standardization
      in the safety rules (equipment rules or rules of the range). No
      consistency in how the range was laid out or run. And no consistency in
      how competitions were run, or scores reported.

      In fact all the MoA's prior to (the then) Lady Toline, were pointedly
      asked to leave office by the Crown. Toline was in fact the first Caidan
      MoA to finish out a full term of office. When Toline took office she was
      commanded by the Crown to craft a set of rules acceptable to both the
      Marshals Office and the Kingdom Seneschal. So working with little or no
      support from the archery community, she began on the rules.

      Now I say little or no support, because the archers in the far flung
      areas of Caid, didn't see that change was required. We had a loose
      collage of archers. And it was felt by most, that collage and not the
      MoA could handle the issues before the archers of Caid. What these folks
      did not realize was that if Toline did not succeed, archery could be
      baned in Caid. The problems were seen by the Crown to be that bad.

      At that time I was a Baronial archery officer. I had written a rules of
      the line piece for a kingdom publication. Toline approached me and asked
      if she could use that in the rule book. At that time I was told the
      importance of the project. With Toline blessing I roped several old
      hands at SCA and FITA archery into the rules committee. Carolus was one,
      Allan Bluehood another, Kurt von Erikslava (sp?) and others as well.

      Together we created the first rule book that is still the basis for the
      rules we use today.

      Lady Toline's fight was to get the rule book done and accepted by the
      Crown and officers of the Kingdom. After she did that, she stepped down
      (after a full two year term, yes it took that long) and handed the
      office of to me.

      It was up to me to be the evil bad guy that enforced the new rules. The
      first several hundred authorizations and several dozen range marshal
      warrants had my signature on them (can you say writers cramp?) It was an
      ugly time. Many were the folks that thought the rule book wasn't needed
      in the first place. Many complained that the standardized rules were not
      what they were used to. And still many others felt it was a power grab
      on my part (?????) to take "power" away from the collage of archers.

      The Crown went to some length to explain the need for the rule book. And
      after that many folks accepted it. But a few continued to fight and
      protest and even flaunt the rules. In the end, the Crown called all
      argument on the issue closed. And yet some continued on and the Crown
      was forced to banish two people before it was all said and done. (so the
      next time someone says it's a thankless job, just think you could have
      had to go through what I did!)

      For a brief while I think I was the most hated person in Caid. But the
      system still works today. And it was a valuable experience that was very
      helpful when I was called on to help with Caid's rapier rules a few
      years later.

      Njall Olaf Hagerson
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