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17302Re: Equipment defects

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  • agincort@juno.com
    Mar 1, 2005
      > >Ultimately, a crossbow needs to be checked when first brought to
      > the line for obvious defects and then checked for changes after a dozen
      > so shots...
      > This sounds to me like the sort of inspection the archer himself
      > should be doing, not the Marshall. I would expect the archer to know
      > specific crossbow much more than any Marshall, unless, perhaps, that
      > happened to actually manufacture it.
      > James

      Expect, yes. Presume, no. Experienced archers do generally know their
      equipment. And check it regularly. Other experienced shooters may not
      regularly check their strings or prods, or sears. Inexperienced archers
      mostly don't know yet what to check, or how. Some of us just get lazy. Do
      we just know who's who? Unfortunately not. The number of archers who
      freely admit (at inspection) to having not shot since last Pennsic are
      numerous. The number of archers (plainly very new) who can't string their
      own bow yet, or try to string it backwards, are occasional but common.
      There is a long sliding slope between inspecting those who build their
      own, and should be teaching the Marshal (and often does); and those who
      need to be reminded to push wood, pull string. We shoot with both. In a
      perfect universe we wouldn't need any stinkin Inspections. Or is that
      badgers. Fact is, Anybody can shoot. Anybody may or may not know anything
      about their equipment, or the rules of the line, or even what Hold means.
      I meet Anybody at the range all the time.
      Would a mandatory introduction to archery - Authorizations - including a
      familiarization with own equipment - including shoot a few arrows for me
      - be out of line? Sure, nobody really wants them, it would make even more
      of us carry an Uber card... In the Midrealm, the Marshals carry them now,
      as do all heavy fighters, Rapier, etc. Another check on the list. Sure,
      experienced archers don't need the hassle, but it's not a hassle for the
      dozens of new archers I meet every year. For them it's needed
      information, often information they don't have. At our local range, no
      big whoop. At Pennsic, it's risky business.
      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe - Midrealm Forester, OP
      "From the point of view of an arrow, chain mail can
      be thought of as a series of loosely connected holes." -Terry Pratchett
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