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16915Re: Eye dominance and archery?

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  • Lord Cain Saethydd
    Jan 9, 2005
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Evyenios Athanasiou"
      <ebrads@h...> wrote:
      > snipped
      > 1. If I do not want to switch hands, is it possible to shoot a
      > handed bow, if you are left-eye dominant? Do any of you do this?

      I shoot both right and left handed. I am blessed with being 'near
      equal' in eye dominance.

      > 2. Is it worth it to switch hands? Since I've only been seriously
      > practicing archery for the past 4 months, I don't have an enormous
      > time spent on the line that I would be sacrificing. My scores stand
      > chance of improving a great deal, but I'm still taking a risk.

      It is well worth the time of even established masters to switch
      hands, occasionaly. Doing so shows the archery a great deal of
      potential flaws in thier form. Elmer, the author the Grey Goose Wing,
      and other fine books, was also a Medical Doctor. He encouraged anyone
      who was having dificulty with thier draw arm to switch hands. He
      touted the benefits of equalizing your practices (right and left
      hands both), as it excercised critical muscles in the shoulders, arms
      and back equaly. Thus ensuring better posture, greater comfort in
      everyday life, and (low and behold), improving your overall form.
      Many archers will find thier scores will improve slightly if the
      switch hands. Not at first, but over time.

      > 3. Have any of you ever switched hands when you found out your
      > correct eye dominance? How long did it take your shooting form to
      > recover, and your scores to return to their previous levels?

      I shoot, (or rather shot), Bowmaster with both hands. But, as I
      said, I am essentialy neither eye dominant. Though, I will say this:
      close the 'off string' eye partialy, with out actualy squinting. The
      best hunters do this, as well as many counter-snipers. If you shoot
      both eyes open fully, you will get a confusing picture after awhile.
      Even when using your dominant eye. Many archers shoot only one eye
      open. This does work well for normal target shooting. If you tend to
      shoot at unkown distances, the 'partial closure' method give a
      profound advatage.

      Welcome to SCA Archery!

      Cain, Atenveldt

      > -Evyenios
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