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16910Re: Eye dominance and archery?

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  • Frederick Fenters
    Jan 9, 2005
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      Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 04:51:01 -0000
      From: "Evyenios Athanasiou" <ebrads@...>
      Subject: Eye dominance and archery?

      Greetings, fellow archers...

      My name is Evyenios, and I am a novice archery in the Kingdom of
      Calontir, in the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui (Des Moines, Iowa). After
      about 6 months of steady practice, I learned that I am left-eye
      dominant, even though I've been practicing archery with a right-
      handed bow.

      I guess I should have realized that before now...I just thought
      everyone was shooting at two targets, like I was! I had even
      considered wearing an eye patch...

      So now I am considering switching hands, and learning to release the
      bow with my left hand. I borrowed a couple folks' left-handed bows,
      and my "sight picture," (if you want to borrow a term from
      marksmanship), looked a lot clearer.

      So here are some questions I have for those on this list who choose to
      respond, either here or to my own e-mail at ebrads@h...

      1. If I do not want to switch hands, is it possible to shoot a right-
      handed bow, if you are left-eye dominant? Do any of you do this?

      AElfric the Kestrell and William Ross, both friends of mine have dealt with
      this. Will went the route of an eye patch, Aelfric just trained himself to
      close his left eye to allign and release. I myself learned to drop focus on
      my left eye (which drives my eye doctor crazy in some of the astigmatism
      tests because I do it without thinking)

      2. Is it worth it to switch hands?

      Some say yes, some say no. How satisfied and comfortable are you shooting
      right handed? Is equipment and cost going to be an issue for you? I did
      not have left handed equipment available or I might have tried.

      Since I've only been seriously
      practicing archery for the past 4 months, I don't have an enormous
      time spent on the line that I would be sacrificing. My scores stand a
      chance of improving a great deal, but I'm still taking a risk.

      3. Have any of you ever switched hands when you found out your
      correct eye dominance? How long did it take your shooting form to
      recover, and your scores to return to their previous levels?

      I'm afraid I can't answer these. When a bum shoulder and back forced me to
      cut back on my hand bow shooting, a friend gifted me with an old PowerMaster
      crossbow. I shot well enough to start making the Midrealm Archer Champions
      teams for Pennsic and have upgraded my equipment as I have been able.


      Forester Padraig MacRaighne
      Pentamere Regional Archery Marshal
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