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16909Re: [SCA-Archery] Eye dominance and archery?

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  • Carolus von Eulenhorst
    Jan 8, 2005
      The tendency to have problems with the "little yellow circle" is not
      unique. It is referred to as "target panic" when coaching. Experienced
      shooters who generally hit what they're shooting at suddenly have a problem
      getting that gold. They hit all around it but have a hard time getting
      that little extra. And the real problem is that there is no real
      explanation or cause. The only cure is to relax and don't try to fix
      it. It will simply go away but it will be frustrating in the process.

      At 11:58 AM 1/8/2005, you wrote:

      > Hi Olga!
      > I'm Baron Talmon, From Gatesedge in Stargate In Ansteorra. I to was
      >I have something other than round targets to shoot at.I seem to have aquired
      >the reputation of, If it's weird,I can hit it. 3-d targets are not only fun,
      >but make you look some where besides the little yellow circle.This will help
      >snip Lots of luck and keep shooting
      > Baron Talmon
      > DER BARON

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