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16901Re: [SCA-Archery] Eye dominance and archery?

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  • Scott Jaqua
    Jan 7, 2005
      Evyenios Athanasiou wrote:

      >So now I am considering switching hands, and learning to release the
      >bow with my left hand. I borrowed a couple folks' left-handed bows,
      >and my "sight picture," (if you want to borrow a term from
      >marksmanship), looked a lot clearer.
      Sight picture is also the correct term for archers.

      >So here are some questions I have for those on this list who choose to
      >respond, either here or to my own e-mail at ebrads@h...
      Several here should be able to help. As some of us are cross dominant.
      And some, like myself were born left handed and force to be right handed
      at an early age.

      >1. If I do not want to switch hands, is it possible to shoot a right-
      >handed bow, if you are left-eye dominant? Do any of you do this?
      Yes it's possible. But, you have to train your eyes. Usually with an eye
      patch. And it can cause other problems with perspective and your ability
      to judge distances.

      >2. Is it worth it to switch hands? Since I've only been seriously
      >practicing archery for the past 4 months, I don't have an enormous
      >time spent on the line that I would be sacrificing. My scores stand a
      >chance of improving a great deal, but I'm still taking a risk.
      Everyone I know has come out on top after making the switch. Even those
      with a fair amount of experience using the other hand.

      >3. Have any of you ever switched hands when you found out your
      >correct eye dominance? How long did it take your shooting form to
      >recover, and your scores to return to their previous levels?
      My shooting recovered in a matter of a couple of weeks of not too heavy
      practice (2hours, 2 times a week,so maybe 8-10 hours total).

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