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16885Re: Bow supplier question

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  • Greg Young/Jocelyn Wirth
    Jan 4, 2005
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      >Can anyone tell how the bows from woodbows.com shoot. I'm just
      >starting to take up the bow again and I'm not ready to spend $400+
      >on a new bow just yet. Being a lefty makes borrowing one rather

      I have been very happy with the longbow that I ordered from them. The
      bowyer was very accomodating and custom made my bow to my liking with no
      increase in price. It is a 74" selfbow made from ash, in the English
      longbow style with no handle or grip. It is actually kind of cool to feel
      it bend in your hand as you draw it!

      Baron Robin Kyrke
      Kingdom of Northshield
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