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  • Guy Taylor
    Dec 27, 2004
      Arrow length is up to the archer.
      Many hunters like the arrow length such that at full draw the back
      of the broadhead touches their finger, making a simple draw check.
      Many novices like arrows extra long so they can be re-tipped one or
      more times after breaking the tip on a target frame or other
      unfriendly object. You generally want the arrows long that they
      will not be overdrawn at full draw. Shooting the arrow into the
      back of the bow or into the bow hand does not give good scores
      unless the paramedics have some kind of system to rate injuries.
      Keep in mind that arrow length affects the dynamic spine of the
      arrow. Drawn to the same length in the same bow, a 27" arrow will
      need to be a different spine than a 30" arrow (for best results,


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Galen of Ockham, MC, OP"
      <brandt@i...> wrote:
      > What's the recommended arrow length? The arrows I currently have
      for my
      > longbow are cut to my drawlength, but recently I had someone tell
      me they
      > should be drawlength + 4 inches.
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      > Galen
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