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16771Re: [SCA-Archery] hay bales?

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  • Kiley Myers
    Dec 11, 2004

      Bales can vary, so you might want to check with your
      source to find out what size they have. It depends on
      what kind of baler is used, and at least some balers
      have settings, or at least they used to when I was a
      kid and was more involved with that sort of thing.
      They must still, since I know for sure bales can be
      ordered in specific sizes for building purposes
      (strawbales are used to build all sorts of structures,
      they are wonderful for insulation, and the homes can
      be quite elegant). Usually they are about 18 inches
      deep, 12inches high and maybe 3 feet long. Sometimes
      they are bigger. I'm sure there aren't dozens of
      standard sizes. I can go out tomorrow and measure one
      of the bales on our little range if you want something
      more precise. Moset bales are about the size of the
      ones we've got.


      > Can someone post the average dimensions of a hay
      > bale, width, length
      > and height?

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