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16739Re: [SCA-Archery] Die Armbrust, Harmuth

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  • Alberic
    Nov 30, 2004
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      Speaking as someone who once spent a month trying to make
      Payne-Gallway's conception of a set trigger actually *work*....
      He's OK for the outsides of bows, assuming you have access to such
      everyday things as a local Liege spring maker, but don't trust him for
      a second when it comes to either the inner workings of crossbows and
      their parts, or to the exact reason why things might have been done a
      certain way. Near as I can tell, he looked at the outside of a number
      of bows, and based his conclusions on external examination only.

      Harmuth actually x-rayed period locks, so his mechanical information is
      vastly superior. Alm also has much more concrete grounding in the what
      and whyfors of crossbow construction.

      For whatever that all's worth.
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