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1665Re: [SCA-Archery] crossbow

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  • psobaka@mail.myriad.net
    Mar 9, 2000
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      Be aware that the bolt construction for combat arrows/bolts may be changing.
      >> What kind are you looking for? Looks, Accuracy, Speed, or Combat?
      >all kinds. ;-) I don't have enuff things to do. I'm intrested in making
      >and using my bows in combat and target archery.
      >btw, I was discussin with our baronys archerymarshall last night, and he
      >told that he had made functional chinese repeaters, three of them.
      The IKAC rules limmit repeating crossbows to 5 arrows.

      >1st model was for unfletched arrows (15 arrows)
      >2nd for fletched arrows (2 feathers) (10 arrows (((I think))))
      >3rd was for combatbluntarrows, fletched as well. With chamber of 5 arrows.
      >He said that the speed is around 1sec/arrow if you dont bother aiming,
      >and the range was some 50-60 meters. He'll be doing testing this weekend,
      >so I'll be having more info on
      Plachoya Sobaka a humble archer in Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Southern Reagional Archery Marshal
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