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16584Re: [SCA-Archery] Happy Birthday

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  • John Rossignol
    Nov 10, 2004
      Amen to that. A lot of people in this country gripe about the military
      budget, and put down soldiers and sailors, but one thing history has
      shown again and again is: when we need 'em, we *need* 'em, and then the
      complainers are sure glad to have them. My hat is off to the USMC, one
      of the finest bodies of fighting men the world has seen. Their defense
      of Wake Island ranks with that of Thermopylae.


      Date Saburou Yukiie wrote:

      >Konnichi wa, tomodachi,
      >I would like to extend a solemn bow, and a warm handshake to those of
      >you on this excelent list whose birthday it is today - members of the
      >fine fighting unit and band of brothers known as United States Marine
      >Corps, past and present.
      >May you always shoot with a keen eye and your arrows fly true.
      >Happy birthday, and Semper Fidelis, Marines.
      >Date Saburou Yukiie
      >Yama Kaminari Ryu
      >E-5 USMC 2311
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