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16100Re: [SCA-Archery] Seeking advice/ What to do with RABID bow???

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  • John Rossignol
    Sep 9, 2004
      Oh, yes, thanks. I think I see what you mean.


      Carolus Eulenhorst wrote:

      >It is what is referred to as a high wrist position. A low wrist position
      >has the hand vertical with the bow resting heavily on the fleshy part of
      >the hand below the thumb. Many people use this position, especially with
      >long bow. The high wrist moves the bow to the web of the thumb removing
      >much of the pressure from the hand. It makes the bow "float" in the
      >grip, eliminates much tendency to torque it, and lets the arm shift
      >slightly out of the path of the string. If you hold your arm out and
      >pronate the elbow (the first step I mentioned) you will find your hand
      >naturally tends to take a position where the palm is parallel with the
      >ground. This is too high. Rotate the little finger back down to a
      >comfortable position (45 to 60 degrees down) without changing the elbow
      >position and everything should drop into place.
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