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16094Re: [SCA-Archery] Seeking advice/ What to do with RABID bow???

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  • jrosswebb1@webtv.net
    Sep 9, 2004
      The common complaint about having the string slap on release has
      been covered many times here, and many have gone into great detail
      describing the rotation of a woman's arm as oppoesed to a man's,
      One way that will cure this problem for good is to learn how to
      hold the longbow the right way; it's the way I was taught back in the
      days that rocks were still soft. As you grip the longbow, the second
      knuckle down on the index finger should line up directly with the second
      knuckle of the thumb, parallel to the path of the arrow shaft . You use
      this as a way of pointing at the target...get used to this feeling. To
      do this, you will not be completely straightening and locking your bow
      arm and will always have a soft elbow joint (excellent for follow
      through, kind of like having a completely natural built-in stabilizer
      using only that which the good Lord gave you when you
      were born ;-) ) Voila! No more bowstring slaps.
      BTW I always wear a bracer anyway because nocks can break and
      things can always happen. Better safe than sorry. I shoot a very heavy
      draw weight bow, and it can hurt a whole lot with a light draw weight
      My two pense,
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