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16076Re: [SCA-Archery] Event differences/Seeking advice

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  • Carl West
    Sep 8 7:48 AM
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      Sharon Macielinski wrote:

      > ... I anchor my middle finger in
      > corner of mouth just behind canine tooth and my thumb
      > stays under my chin to keep my hand still on
      > release... but I have been holding that too long--easy
      > to do if your bow is a light poundage :) I have been
      > told that the release is a relaxing of the fingers, so
      > you don't pluck!

      I anchor similarly, forefinger behind upper canine, at the gum. String
      in the finger joints. Thumb and little finger touching. To release, I
      press the the hand against the face. This straightens the finger tips,
      away goes the arrow. No chance to pluck. Gotta keep the mustache trimmed
      though. Works better with stronger bows.

      -- Fritz

      Carl West
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