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16049Re: Event differences/Seeking advice

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  • Chad Wilson
    Sep 1, 2004
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Sharon Macielinski
      <ariel_elronds_daughter@y...> wrote:
      > Sounds exciting! Unfortunately I think we're stuck with the
      20/30/40 business, and timed shoots make no sense. Oh well!
      > Alrighty guys... I need advice again... my instructor is trying to
      tell me that my 26 lb pull on my 30-35lb longbow should have no
      problems hitting 30 and 40 yard targets. I have been fussing because
      I wanted a heavier bow and am frustrated trying to figure out
      the "arc" thing in order to hit the target accurately.

      You need a way of gaining more arrow speed.

      One way is to decrease the overall weight of your arrows while still
      designing to fly in a balanced way. All of my bolts and arrows are
      untreated. I stopped putting finishing seal on them and it produced
      some much lighter arrows. You could go as far as buying 100 shafts
      and then weight them all after cutting them down to use only the
      lightest of the bunch, without sacrificing spine weight.

      Another way is to increase the power stroke. The power stroke is the
      part of the shooting process where the bow's string is pushing on the
      arrow. With your shorter draw, you are sacrificing much of your
      power stroke.

      I wonder if you switched to a lighter longbow so you can pull a
      longer arrow would help. As strange as it sounds, you could in
      theory shoot a 25# longbow using longer arrows and have it shoot
      faster than your 35# longbow with a shorter draw.

      When I shoot a handbow, my arrows are 29". And I use all 29" of the

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