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16047Re: [SCA-Archery] Event differences/Seeking advice

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  • Nest verch Tangwistel
    Sep 1, 2004
      > Sounds exciting! Unfortunately I think we're stuck with the 20/30/40
      > business, and timed shoots make no sense. Oh well!

      Why don't the timed ends make sense?

      > Alrighty guys... I need advice again... my instructor is trying to tell
      > me that my 26 lb pull on my 30-35lb longbow should have no problems
      > hitting 30 and 40 yard targets. I have been fussing because I wanted a
      > heavier bow and am frustrated trying to figure out the "arc" thing in
      > order to hit the target accurately.

      The loaner equipment I use is between 17 and 25 pounds. The only problem I
      have seen is with the really light bows. The arrow hits the ceiling in out
      indoor range before you can get enough arc in the trajectory to reach the
      target. But my daughter shot the 100 yard clout with a 20 pound bow at
      Pennsic one year. She got all the arrows wither in the clout or the front
      wall. so it can be done.

      > My form and anchor points are just fine, so my difficulty is figuring
      > out how far above the target to aim... even with a good anchor
      > point/release I get random arrow speeds!! ANY HINTS?
      I have to agree with others one this one. It sounds like you are loosing
      critical energy in some of your shots by collapsing. A good follow through
      may be the answer to your problems. It was taught to me that you should
      never completely come to a halt when getting to your anchor point. Go back
      to the anchor fairly quickly, then slowly continue pulling until you are
      ready to execute the shot. That way your arrow hand should continue moving
      back towards your shoulder after you have released. If your hand sometimes
      moves back towards the bow as you release you loose a great deal of speed.

      > Also, I don't believe that I would have no advantage with a higher
      > poundage bow. Isn't an arrow that flies straight more
      > accurate/consistent than one that has to arc to hit a target? It's like
      > a crossbow would have no advantage! Hmmmmm....

      The flatter trajectory of a higher pound bow does help with shooting at
      unknown distances. The difference between elevation at fairly similar
      distances is less, so you don't have to be perfect on your distance
      estimation. Even more so with a crossbow. However, I echo the worry about
      going to strong before getting your form down pat.

      > Thanks as always for all the great advice!
      > Alestra

      Good luck and keep on shooting.


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