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16042Re: [SCA-Archery] Event differences/Seeking advice

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  • Scott Jaqua
    Sep 1, 2004
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      There is no reason that a 26lb bow should not be able to hit and stick
      into a target at 40 yards. (unless your target is unreasonably dense). I
      had a 22lb bow that I used to lend out to left handed students and it
      did the job just fine.

      First off heed your coach and the majority here. Don't go to a heavy bow
      yet. This is a great time to practice consistent form. Wait until you
      are consistent with this bow before you add more weight to the equation.

      Others have spoken of your anchor and release. And these are key to
      getting the maximum consistent level of energy out of your bow.

      However, as distance increases, there is another element of your form
      that gains in importance. And that is follow through. A minor follow
      through error a short distance is greatly magnified as the distance
      increases. In short you need the bow to remain a steady launch platform
      until the arrow clears the rest. If the arrow rest falls away from the
      arrow too quickly, then the arrow will fall of as well.

      The best thing you can do is slightly exaggerate the follow through.
      Hold your form for a few seconds after the release before you relax.
      This is one case of too much is better then not enough.

      And on a final note: lack of a proper follow through is perhaps the
      number one error I see in even the most experienced SCA archers. (that
      and a nasty pluck on release that I have (been working on it for 26
      years, still it comes back after any lay off between practices))

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