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  • J. Hughes
    Aug 24, 2004
      The Teutonic Knights regularly used whistling bolts
      from their crossbows in their Baltic wars. They were
      not only distracting to the enemy, but more so to the
      enemy horses. There was even a programed reaction.
      Those who has seen the sky darkened and the massed
      sound before knew what the next thing was, those bolts
      landing. Panic was often the result.

      Charles O'Connor

      --- Tessa the Huntress
      <tessathehuntress@...> wrote:

      > I've seen whistlers used during volley fires..
      > having 20 to 40 of those in
      > the air, tends to get everyone to look up.. makes a
      > good tactic. :)
      > Tessa

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