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15981Re: Swamp Thing 14 -- The Gods are With Us!

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  • Marietta
    Aug 24, 2004
      A few years ago, we did "Lowland Games" in which the participants
      threw rocks to see who could throw the farthest, the rocks were pieces
      of foam duck taped to look more like rocks. We had a number of other
      "games" like that.
      One year, for a Swamp Thing, the theme was games, so we had a living
      Nine Mans Morris game (that was really fun).

      Swamp Thing Style is generally a *unique* way of doing things... I think.

      I beleive our javelins this year will be those foam floaty tubes you
      buy for pools... if that gives you any idea what that'll be like :)


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, John Rossignol <giguette@p...> wrote:
      > I really like your theme -- the way you have dedicated different
      > activities to appropriate Gods and Muses. Very inventive, and it adds
      > to the fun. I wish I could make it out from the West Kingdom to
      join you.
      > I'm curious about one thing, though: what is "Swamp Thing style"?
      > John
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