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  • jameswolfden
    Aug 8, 2004
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      The Traditional Bowyer's Bibles are great but can be a bit
      intimidating for a novice bowyer. A board bow is often the easiest
      way to start.

      Here is Jawge board bow buildalong link.

      This is Tim Baker's instructions. No pictures but clear
      instructions including how to season whitewood if you decide to
      chop a tree down instead of buying a board.

      If you decide to do a board bow, selecting the right board is
      crucial. Be prepared to walk away from woodpile empty handed.

      As for tools, I use either a drawknife or spokeshave for initial
      shaping. For tillering I use a farrier's rasp and a cabinet scraper.

      Costs. Hmmm. If you keep to minimum tools, you can probably
      keep the tool cost to below $50. Some primitive types like to do
      everything with a hatchet. A board will cost you $10. A real stave
      in hickory might set you back $40. Osage Orange will be a bit
      more and a Yew stave will cost you more than most bows. Of
      course, you can just go an cut down your own tree. I live in an
      urban area so chopping trees down in parks is heavily
      discouraged. And, it is fairly standard for the beginning bowyer
      to fail in his first few bows. Each bow will probably take you
      anywhere from 15 to 30 hours to complete.

      Bottom line is that, if your main interest is in shooting, then I
      would recommend you shop around for a cheap bow. If the idea
      of actually making a bow really appeals, go for it. But don't get
      fooled into thinking it saves you money. Like any hobby, you will
      find yourself spending as much money on it as you save.

      James Wolfden

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Llywelyn ap Iowerth
      <llywelyn_iowerth@s...> wrote:
      > Hello my name is Michael (mundane name) / Llywelyn
      (persona name). I am still new to the SCA and also to Archery. I
      do not have a lot of money being the only breadwinner in my
      family. Never the less I would still like to get into archery. While
      looking for a bow to buy I found some web-sites that shows
      pictures of other people making bow. So I was hoping that that
      someone in this group knows a detailed web-site or a book on
      how to make a longbow. There must be something out there that
      can show someone how do make a longbow without any special
      wood working tools. I would appreciate any help anyone could
      > Llywelyn
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