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15844Re: [SCA-Archery] make my own bow

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  • RJ Bachner
    Aug 8, 2004
      On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 15:21:00 -0400, you, with reckless abandon, wrote:

      >On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 18:26:52 -0700 (PDT), you, with reckless abandon, wrote:
      >>Hello my name is Michael (mundane name) / Llywelyn (persona name). I am still new to the SCA and also to Archery. I do not have a lot of money being the only breadwinner in my family. Never the less I would still like to get into archery. While looking for a bow to buy I found some web-sites that shows pictures of other people making bow. So I was hoping that that someone in this group knows a detailed web-site or a book on how to make a longbow. There must be something out there that can show someone how do make a longbow without any special wood working tools. I would appreciate any help anyone could give.
      >Ok best resounces for you are ther 3 volumes of the boyers bibles by Bois d'arc press and can be had
      >through amazon or other big book sellers and "the bent Stick" by Paul comstock. it can be had
      >through 3 rivers archery (www.3riversarchery.com)
      >The best websites for chatting with other archers and asking questions are first
      >the leatherwall (http://www.bowsite.com/bowsite/tf/lw/threadsx2.cfm)
      >PaleoPlanet ( http://b16.ezboard.com/bpaleoplanet69529 )
      >traditional archery (http://p072.ezboard.com/btraditionalarchery )
      >If you feel like it, you can subscribe to primitive archer magazine and have access to thier
      >excellent articles and a great chat board that seems to be more freindly than the leatherwall and a
      >little less busy. I highly reccomend you get this mad if ya can, it is more suited to a medievalist
      >or Scadian than traditional archery. www.primitivearcher.com
      >From there, there are many places that give good basic instructions online but if you get and read
      >the boyers bibles you will get a better idea of what to do.
      >RJ Bachner ( Ragi warmbear)
      >Brokenaxe Archery
      >7451 St Jacques west #2
      >Montreal Quebec Canada
      >H4B 1W7
      >514-481-9116 between 9am and 9pm est.
      Ok now that I have more time.

      If you have never made a bow before and ya wanna get started there are some things you should be
      aware of, if you want to make a longbow. Longbows can be many different shapes other than the
      classic d shaped "english long bow" infact unless you can get yer hands on good yew from the pacific
      northwest or osage from the south/central US a longbow as you have in mind will not be the best
      choice. Design in bowmaking depends an awful lot on the wood you have in hand so before you set yer
      heart on a specific design, find out about what wood is available to you in your locale.

      a classic longbow requires a wood that is capable of taking a lot of compression forces and most
      good bow woods do not have it in them. Yew and Osage being notable exceptions. Now a different
      desing is needed for bows of other woods and that is normally what we call a flat bow. The limbs are
      long like a longbow but instead of narrow and thick they are wide and thin. This is the style of bow
      I like to make and they are based on older styles than the medieval longbow.

      Now any hardwood can be used and in fact a few softwoods as well as long as your design matches the
      properties of the wood. best all around starter wood is probably Hickory but you have to watch that
      it is dry enough when you use it. White and Red Oak are also good choices as are White Ash, Rock
      Maple and Birch. All of these can be had at a lumber yard or found in the woods, there are many
      other choices but these are common.

      There is so much to know about before you start I would suggest you get someone who has made a bunch
      of bows to go looking for wood with you.

      If you have any specific questions please feel free to email me or ask the list, some of these guys
      even sound like they know what theyu are talking about. :)

      Read everything ya can first. best advice I can give..

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