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15611Saftey Issues of a Poppin-Jay shoot

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  • Carl Haicken
    Jul 18, 2004
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      My local group is considering running a poppin-jay shoot at an upcoming
      event. No one in our immediate area has run one, so we are unfamiliar with
      any unqiue safety issues that may arise. Would those who have a run a
      poppin-jay, please tell your experiences and concerns regarding such a

      In specific, I'd like to know:

      *We're planning on requiring the use of some type of blunt tip to cut down
      on the chance of injury. What type would be safest?

      *We're considering asking people to bring untipped arrows and providing
      blunts at the event. This would allow people to use their own bows. Are
      their any inherent safety problems with this idea? Would it be better just
      to provide a low poundage bow with appropriate arrows?

      *How far should the archer stand from the base of the pole? If shooting
      with a high poundage bow (say 75-80 lbs. pull) or crossbow(150-180 lbs.
      pull), approximately how far will the arrows fly?

      *Any specific issues with poppin-jay shoots and crossbows?

      *Is 12 feet too short a pole?

      Of course, any other general advice is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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