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  • mekilno
    Jun 16, 2004
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Walter Davis" <wdjr@e...> wrote:
      > lol If you don't have an arrow to measure you can use a dowl
      rod. No dowl rod? Use a yardstick and have someone look to see how
      far your draw is. Or, use a piece of string. Tie the string onto
      your bow string where the arrow nock would rest when you're
      shooting. Have the string lying across the arrow shelf and then
      under your bow hand fingers. Draw the bow then measure how long the
      string is to the front of the arrow shelf. It's very important to
      know your correct draw length when ordering arrows because it will
      have an effect on the arrow spine you will need!Oudoceus

      Thanks!! That's easier! *makes a note to phone up the post office
      and ask about getting that bow delivered....* ruddy UK post....
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