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15400Re: [SCA-Archery] horse archery

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  • Donna DeBonis
    May 30, 2004
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      Greetings Sir Jon from THL Donwenna, IKEQC Adminstrator,
      In an effort to promote Mounted archery ,
      I have just added in Mounted archery to the IKEQC for the SCA New Year host
      of activities.
      go to
      for more info.

      Additionally, I am teaching Mounted Archery with my husband Agelos Evienece
      (we are 'second generation ' student of Kassai Lajos) at Fibers and
      Fletching AUG 15 weekend in Aquaterra, AN TIR (mundanely Camano Island east
      of Seattle). Agelos did a demo of Mounted Archery at the East Meets West
      Pilgimage April 24 in Midhaven (Mt Vernon-north of Seattle).

      There is a HorseArchery EList on Yahoo groups, but it is not SCA-exclusive
      and although there are alot of folks on it, only a small per centage
      actually do mounted archery. There is alot of resource there as the
      European Horse archers hang out on that List. As for SCA, I am not sure if
      they are doing any yet at any events & I think only Alastair is on that
      EList, but THL Isolde also does Horse Archery in Calontir, Alastair and
      Kassandra in Northshield .

      Why don't you come up to our event in AUG?

      Ever in Service,
      THL Donwenna Beast Healer, Shittimwoode A & S Champion
      Lancer of Dragon's Laire, EqMarshal of the Field
      IKEQC Administrator www.scaikeqc.org

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      > Does anyone know how many, if any, SCA events have some form of horse
      > archery?
      > thank you
      > Jon
      > Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, West, Mists, Esfenn
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