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15183Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Quiver Shivers

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  • David Thompson-Hall
    May 9, 2004
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      At 6:36 PM +0000 5/7/04, hawkwoode@... wrote:
      >I have an arrow bag that I purchased from Historic Enterprises,
      >along with a bow case. Visit the website at
      >www.historicenterprises.com to see a picture of the bag. Click on
      >the arms and armor listing to see the line of archery equipment,
      >which includes self-nock arrows and bodkin points of various types.

      Definitely an awesome sight - does anyone know what they sell their
      bodkins for, when they're in stock?

      Also, I am very curious about the book they cited on the web page as
      their source for the arrow bag and other stuff - "The Medieval
      Soldier" by Embleton & Howe. If anyone has read this book, can you
      tell me more about it? What other reconstructions does it have?

      always glad to find more sources for cool and period stuff

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