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15108Weapon of mass destruction

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  • Tighearn Mac Con mac Conaill
    May 7, 2004
      Weapon of mass destruction

      The English longbow was the weapon that gave English armies the edge in the medieval wars on the continent.

      But at Shrewsbury longbowmen faced each other for the first time - and unprecedented carnage was the result.


      Yours in Service;

      Tighearn (Lord) Mac Con mac Conaill of Clan MacDonald
      Quartermaster of the Barony of Dragonsspine
      Forester Archer of the Kingdom of the Outlands

      When you shoot with a gun, one miss is just as vexatious as another. It is a miss -- maybe an inch, maybe an ell, who knows? -- and you gain nothing from it. Your bird is missed, that is all. But with the bow it is the reverse. Will's miss was almost as pleasurable as a hit -- the bird had such a hair breath escape the shot was so well sent..
      -- Maurice Thompson

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