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14247Re: [SCA-Archery] Back quiver VS. Hip quiver- further study

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  • Mac Con mac Conaill
    Jan 29, 2004
      This is from a friend of mine so I take no credit in finding this but if it is true does it prove back quivers are period?

      A painting of Elizabeth 1 as Diana by Cornelus Vroom(1566-1640).
      The painting clear shows a back quiver worn by Elizabeth, this
      painting hang in the Hatfeild House. Can be found in "The Grey Goose
      Wing" this book can be found at your local library, page 143.
      Page 41 of the same book shows a bowmen of Ramesses 3rd with an
      elaborately decorated quiver, which is worn on the back. this was
      taken from a coloured relief at Medinet Habu, xxth dynasty(1192-
      1160b.c.). and there are others I would just have to find them.

      Carolus Eulenhorst <eulenhorst@...> wrote:
      The jury is still out on that. Just as fighters would hang their sword
      belt over their shoulder and saw that eventually evolve into the baldric,
      the tapestry evidence does not definitively show the use of a designed
      back quiver and not a hip quiver on a belt slung over the shoulder
      rather than buckled in its designed position. To date we have no
      conclusive evidence of a quiver designed for use on the back. Keep up
      the research guys and gals, we're way further ahead than we were a few
      years ago.

      In service to the dream
      Carolus von Eulenhorst
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      On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 16:29:57 -0500 (EST) "Walter Davis"
      > On page 106 of Robert Hardy's book, Longbow, is a picture of 4
      > Norman archers from the Bayeaux Tapestry. While three of the
      > archers are clearly using hip quivers one appears to be using a back
      > quiver. Check it out!Oudoceus---

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