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14062Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: leaking quiver

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  • Forrester
    Jan 4, 2004
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      Your best bet is to go to a Tandy or a leather Factory (same company) and
      buy a spray can of either Super Sheen , or Leather Sheen (same product
      different packaging) Tandy Super Sheen Spray 11 oz #2200100

      Tandy Super Sheen in a 11 oz aerosol can allows you to put a clear,
      flexible and durable, water-repellent finish on leathers.
      and spray two coats (or a third would not hurt) over the quiver. What this
      does is to finish the leather it also brings the color out more. When you
      put this on at first it has a nice shine but that will wear quickly but you
      will have a quiver that will bleed colors.

      I have been making custom leather products for ten years and have made lots
      of quivers and not one has bled when I use the sheen.


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      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Nest verch Tangwistel
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      > > Ha,ha. Someone sent me a private email recommending that I try
      > saddle soap
      > > to remove any excess dye, and then a good boot oil. That sounds
      > like good
      > > advice to me. I think I will try it, assuming I can pry it out of
      > his
      > > hands to do it.
      > >
      > > Nest
      > Now that i'm oficially a member, my post should show up on the list--
      > your post didn't mention that you made the quiver yourself, so i was
      > assuming that the dye and finish of the leather were unknown to you.
      > Boot oil will soften leather some, but depending on the thickness and
      > type of leather, and structure of what you made, (and how much you
      > use) it might not soften it noticibly. but the boot oil will help
      > gently strip off excess dye.
      > izzy
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