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14032Re: [SCA-Archery] beginner

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  • s.l.rees@ieee.org
    Jan 2, 2004
      Hi Lorraine,
      There's lots of us in the Greater Seattle area. I'm currently the archery
      officer for Madrone - your local barony. Drop me an email - s.l.rees (at)

      Or, if you're going to 12th Night in a couple weeks (1/9-1/11), many of us
      will be there. The members of the OGGS (Order of the Grey Goose Shaft)
      will be recognisable by the white bracers that we wear and any of us could
      point you to a Madrone native. Also, our arcuarii should be wearing their
      red bracers. I will not be at 12th Night, my new baby is too young for
      that kind of massive outing and I am currently too fidgety to sit through
      that many hours of meetings and court.

      Or, another option would be Ursalmas (1/23-25) in Aquaterra (Monroe,
      hr-ish from Madrone) Many of the archers will be there. Andras usually
      brings his for-sale equipment with him. There will be a target range up
      all weekend rain, shine, or snow. And there's a combat one-on-one
      tourney, usually Sunday.

      Shadhra Aliya Banu OGGS, JdL

      > Hi,
      > I'm new here. I am interested in learning how to shoot a long bow. I
      > was wondering if there is anyone in the Seattle area who can point me
      > in the right direction as far as teachers and begginers equipment are
      > concerned.
      > Thanks,
      > Lorraine
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