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14020Re: [SCA-Archery] Winter Challenge

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  • banzhof
    Dec 30, 2003
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      I want to keep you informed on something we will be doing in the Oaken
      region. The Fenix area has been lacking marshals for some time-Vicount Sir
      Myles is the only marshal they have. Myles wants to develope more marshals
      in the area and came up with a plan for a series of classes/archery
      practices for training MIT's. Being a knight/former kingdom Earl Marshal,
      he talked directly with Duke Palymar about this; Palymar gave permission to
      run the sessions with the requirement that I pre-aprove the class content
      and that I be an active participant in the instruction. I am willing to do
      this; Myles will post the classes in the Fenix newsletter-he expects to get
      3 to 5 MIT's.
      Are there specific elements that you want in the classes? I will round up
      other marshals so that the signatures will come from more than just Myles,
      Dorinda, and me-James, Ernie, Caedmon, and Erin should all be available. If
      this works out, it may be a tool to increase marshals in other areas where
      we are lacking. If I had known about this before the fact, I would have
      made sure it went by the proper chain of command; as it is, I will make sure
      that the MIT's earn their signatures and that all the bases are covered.

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