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13880Re: [SCA-Archery] Hey all

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  • Robert Skidmore
    Nov 14, 2003
      Yes removal of the silencers would be good. There is an Open division in SCA
      target archery that will allow your bow as long as it does not look to
      modern.. aka plastic silencers.. cat whiskers, balance bar, peep sites..
      etc. just try to make it look like a stick and string and it will be fine.
      Bring it to your first event as is and a spare string. There should be more
      than enough people there to assist you on your way.

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      > Hey all, I'm yet to join the SCA, but I had emailed Meridies
      > asking about exactly what will pass for a bow for target archery, and
      > haven't been answered yet. Then I ran across this group, so I decided
      > to see if yall know. I have a Martin X-200 Recurve, and I was
      > wondering if it in general being a modern(laminated I believe)
      > recurve bow is it usable in SCA target archery? If so, would I need
      > to replace the rubber silencers on the string? I think I read that
      > the plastic arrow rest is legal, but may as well ask yall if that is
      > legal too. Thanks for the help.
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