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13856Re: [SCA-Archery] Newbie info needed (Akron, OH)

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  • Gary Lawrence
    Nov 2, 2003
      > First off is where is "around here"?

      I'm in Akron, OH (Middle Kingdom)
      a friend recently introduced to the SCA and I thought Archery would be
      cool. I've looked around a few places in town and everyone caters to the
      compound hunting crowd.

      >Second, Don't try pulling an old
      > wood longbow without oiling and cleaning it first and then gradually warm
      > it up with gradual slow pulls to short draws first. Draw to the point
      > where you just feel resistance, let down then draw an inch or two
      > further, let down, and repeat until you reach your full draw. Do this
      > slowly and listen and feel for any cracking or signs of failure. Be sure
      > to wear safety goggles rated for racquetball or similar impact sport use
      > and a heavy, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes. An
      > exploding bow can really hurt. The best place to check a bow's pull is
      > with your local marshal or pro shop.
      > Carolus

      Thanks for the heads up and tip

      Gary Lawrence
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