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  • Carolus Eulenhorst
    Nov 1, 2003
      To Macsen, I too give thanks for founding and initially hosting these
      lists. They have served immensely in developing an SCA wide sense of
      community among our disciplines. They have also served to establish our
      presence in a much broader world and have been instrumental in furthering
      the SCA's goal of education in general.

      To Sir Jon and Siegfried, a thank you for your efforts in the past and
      wish you well in your new degrees of responsibility here in the future.
      May these lists continue to serve well.

      On Sat, 01 Nov 2003 01:05:33 -0500 Siegfried Sebastian Faust
      <crossbow@...> writes:
      > Greetings unto all assembled ... I was waiting for someone else to
      > make a
      > post along these lines as I didn't want to steal anyone's thunder,
      > but it's
      > been 'most of a day' and I've already been emailed a few questions,
      > so ...
      > As of Today, Macsen chose to give up ownership to the SCA-Archery,
      > SCA-Siege, and SCA-MissileCombat mailing lists. He has hosted/owned
      > these
      > lists for a LONG LONG time, and we all owe him much for starting
      > these
      > lists, and keeping them alive through 3 different server
      > incarnations
      > (WyvernHall, eGroups, YahooGroups).
      > However, like most things, there reaches a time when someone must
      > move on,
      > and Macsen decided that it was time for him to give these up.
      > To that note, he selected Sir Jon to be owner of the
      > SCA-MissileCombat
      > mailing list; and has graciously allowed myself to take ownership of
      > the
      > SCA-Archery, and SCA-Siege lists.
      > In Service, And awaiting an onslaught of e-mail ...
      > Siegfried

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