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  • Daniel Stratton
    Sep 30, 2003
      > Also, does anyone have a template for the advancing men used at Pennsic?
      > Thanks
      > Rupert the Unbalanced

      Template? Which figures? The advancing man tends to get redrawn every year
      by the army in charge. The 'bug eyed' soldiers this past Pennsic were
      designed by Etan ni Donncha, and blown up to working size with an overhead
      projector and painted by her and the Gwyntarian Archers Guild . If that's
      what you mean, try contacting her at bluecat (deliberately separated)
      Dirk and Etan (his email) should be able to work it out with you. I don't
      know about any others in that series, but you never know. The overall
      parameters are just to make them lifesize. One year we had Kinkos blow up
      the drawings up to size. Feel free to make your own, as others have, from
      soldiers to Conans. Chest size and shields vary from year to year, as you
      may suspect. The horseman in the field for the champions shoot was largely
      taken from online pictures. There are many figures you could use this way,
      but try redrawing them for legal reasons. No point in having problems with
      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
      OP, Midrealm Forester
      "Well said is good, well done is better"