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1360Re: Stupid things - was Deaf Archers

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  • Matthew Legge
    Dec 29, 1999
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      At 10:08 PM 28/12/99 -0800, you wrote:
      >From: "Guy Taylor" <greytaylor@...>
      >Not to open up an old can of worms, but...
      >This is why some SCA groups require authorization for archery. What seems a
      >no-brainer to most of us can be as clear as milk to others. An
      >authorization program can clear things up a bit. As an archer on the line,
      >I feel a wee bit more secure knowing that the others around me have had at
      >least a little bit of basic instruction.

      Hello Again,

      Strangely despite being on the receiving end, I have to disagree with the

      The incident which I described occurred a good 20 to 30 minutes after the
      line had been closed in an area where everyone who attended the mixed
      training (we have heavy, rapier and archery at the same venue at the same
      time but separate enough to be safe) kept their gear - nearly in the
      parking lot.

      Secondly the archer in question was felt to be safe on the line - she
      followed the safety rules, obeyed holds once she was familiar with our
      usage of the word, etc. It just seemed that there was a definite
      demarkation in this person's mind that the archery rules were only for the
      shooting line. Not off the range.

      I honestly believe that in this instance an authorisation would _NOT_ have
      worked. In any event, everyone pn our range is taught the rules for safe
      shooting such as what "hold" means, and everyone is encouraged not to be
      shy if they think that a hold is needed.

      I don't really want to get into a discussion about the pros and cons of
      arachery authorisation. I just feel very strongly against this suggestion -
      I don't really know why exactly :) Sorry, that is just how I feel.

      Hope you all have a safe New Year. Best wishes for the future and shoot


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