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1359Re: Stupid things - was Deaf Archers

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  • Guy Taylor
    Dec 28, 1999
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      Not to open up an old can of worms, but...

      This is why some SCA groups require authorization for archery. What seems a
      no-brainer to most of us can be as clear as milk to others. An
      authorization program can clear things up a bit. As an archer on the line,
      I feel a wee bit more secure knowing that the others around me have had at
      least a little bit of basic instruction.


      > >> I think that something has been missed. It seems that the person
      > >>question has used some questionable judgment which has put herself and
      > >>others in small amounts of danger ... such as picking up a crossbow,
      loading it up
      > >>and then pointing it at someone.
      > >>
      > Hi All,
      > The above incident occurred about 12 months ago now. The person who did it
      > had a very stern talk, was prohibitted from shooting for 6 months and now
      > every time she shoots a marshal watches her like a hawk. Needless to say
      > she will not be involved in SCA combat for the foreseeable future.
      > Unfortunately her response to the talk was "You should have told me".
      > Learnt two things - 1) People sometimes hear only what they want to hear
      > (even safety instructions 1-on-1), and 2) from four metres away you cannot
      > tell whether the crossbow is loaded and cocked. <sigh>
      > Maidiu
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